Fall into Banff this Autumn

  • September 14, 2021

As the air becomes crisper, the trees come alive with radiant colors and the serenity of fall replaces the buzz of summertime. Fall in the Canadian Rockies is the perfect time to connect with the beauty of our natural environment with warm days and cool nights. 

At Charlton Resorts, we've highlighted some activities to do during your Banff Fall excursion. 


Larch Hikes

Larches are conifers that are native to cooler temperatures. Although they are conifers, they are deciduous that lose their needles in the autumn. Right before they lose their needles, they turn a golden color for a few short weeks creating an amazing scenic landscape. People around the world flock to the area to see this event, the peak season for autumn colours is from mid to late September. 


>Check out 8 Larch Hikes in Banff National Park that are Local Favourites 


Relax & Unwind

Summer is always a hover of activity – swimming, hiking, bike rides & more. While being active and social is always great, it's always important to have a little downtime. Prepare your skin and body for the dry seasons by heading to the Grotto Spa at the Royal Canadian Lodge. This Banff Spa offers indulgent massages and luxurious facials.


>Visit Grotto Spa



Banff Gondola

Catch a bird’s eye view of fall in Banff National Park with a trip up the Banff Gondola. Offering eye-catching scenery, your journey begins with embarking in a gondola cabin as you soar above the forest. The world appears different from Sulphur’s summit, spectacular vistas come into clear view, stirring the spirit. If you are able, the hike up the trail is relatively moderate. It’ll make views at the top so much sweeter!


>Explore the Banff Gondola


Wildlife Watching

As the summer season draws to a close, the wildlife will start to emerge again. With the winter months nearing, wildlife in Banff National Park are preparing themselves for the cold season. You will not need to venture too far from town to see the elk roaming around or a bear looking for the last of the mountain berries before the frost settles in. Pick a trail, bring some bear spray and head out to see the wildlife in action!


Please note – respect the wildlife and their habitat. Please keep your distance.
>Visit Parks Canada on Wildlife Watching in Banff


Drive on the Icefields Parkway

Who says that road trips are best left to the summer?! With one of the most scenic highways in the world in our backyard, exploring Banff National Park and all it has to offer is not very hard. Grab your friends, some snacks and hit the open road – chances are you’ll catch some wildlife, gorgeous views and lakes along the journey.


As a Banff family run business for more than 70 years our goal is to provide the best in quality and service at our two hotels and the Evergreen Restaurant & Lounge.

Please read more about our commitment to health and safety here.




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