Our favourite things to do 'in between' seasons

  • October 26, 2020

As we transition seasons staying safe is still our priority at Charlton Resorts. We understand that this is important to our guests too. Rest assured we are dedicated to ensuring you have a memorable, enjoyable and comfortable stay with us, all the while following health and safety Covid-19 recommendations. 


Locals in Banff call this time of year 'shoulder season'. Traditionally it is a quiet time for tourists and usually the weather is stuck somewhere between fall and winter. Many are eagerly awaiting the opening of the ski hills (so far scheduled for early November) and others are mourning the loss of summer hikes, but getting amped up about winter snow shoeing!


It's the time of year where you might need a warm coat, boots and a toque in the morning, but come afternoon, you're wearing a t-shirt in the warm sun.  Now is a great time to spot Elk around Banff. They are in the mating season, so be sure to give them a lot of extra space while getting your photos from a distance. 


Cooler temperatures and shorter days often make us think about comforting food. This is definitely one of the best times of the year to dine in Banff. This year from October 12 - November 13, many restaurants in town are participating in Banff's Taste for Adventure, including our very own Evergreen Restaurant. This special month long event features exclusive menus, unique dishes, and irresistible specials in honour of the Taste for Adventure celebration. Our restaurant is featuring a delectable three course menu with choices to suit all tastebuds, check it out here.


I'll leave you with a few other ideas of favourite 'shoulder season' things to do. 

Whether coming to Banff is something new for you, or something you look forward to each year, we thank you for visiting and staying with us. 


We value each and every one of our guests and strive to make your stay with us unmatched in service and quality. We hope you take some time to enjoy the peaceful beauty while experiencing some of the incredible offerings that make Banff so unique.




Alicia Charlton

Charlton Resorts


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